Traditional Usui Shiki Ryoho Reiki

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Deborah Casey

Holistic Therapist, Reiki Master Teacher and Guide

Course creator and Instructor



Reiki came into my life at a time when I had suffered assault and trauma from a source outside my closest family.  I had experienced Reiki at a pamper session held by a local charitable organisation.  The lady who had provided Reiki that day was about to pack up her equipment but paused and provided me her last twenty minutes.  That was to be a pivotal point in my life.  Thereafter it seemed Reiki followed me wherever I went and so when I was at college a fellow student, whose friend was a Reiki master teacher, was coming for holiday.  My fellow student was being attuned, and asked if I wanted this too.  I was sceptical yet I’d had Reiki before, several times and it seemed that Reiki was knocking on my door at various times, asking me to become open and heal. 


So I took my scepticism with me and attended my training.  I had my attunements to Reiki master teacher in one morning, which is not the traditional practice, and it’s not what I’d recommend!  For a year after I felt I was under a heat light, lights would blow in the house, and other electrical items just seemed to stop working!  But something else was going on.  The universe began to open up many doorways.  I had many choices and so I digressed the path that I was aligned with!  This digression taught me many more painful lessons but these are the jewels in the crown, the pearls of wisdom and the golden nuggets of experience.


Reiki course

Reiki is provided in three levels and there is the Reiki master training package available.  This is a professional course of study and upon successful completion and submission of marked course work and final exam students receive a diploma that is approved with the IICT and British Reiki Organisation.  Students can seek and apply for professional membership with the British Reiki Organisation or if in person training is obtained with the IICT when they receive their diploma. 


Access to our free Reiki Introduction course at our Reiki pages here.

Reiki attunements/initiations 

Students who learn Reiki via distance or in person attendance to a Reiki course will be attuned/initiated by the Reiki master through a simple process; this fine tunes the connection and opens the student to receive and utilise more of the Universal Life Energy.  

The attunements have in themselves a very powerful balancing and healing effect. Since energy spins at different levels Reiki is normally split into 3 levels: Reiki 1, Reiki 2 and Master level.  Today many Reiki masters provide initiations to full master level in one course usually at the outset.  Personally I find that this method gives a more powerful attunement.  

But great awareness is required as anyone who has experienced any trauma can become overwhelmed as trauma, anything will erupt, to be healed.  And of course this healing is vital so that the student can embrace a truly fulfilling life.  This is why I offer my courses singularly so that whatever requires to emerge does so more gently and can be healed equally powerfully without the overwhelm. 
During the attunement/initiation process the Reiki master acts as a conduit to help the student adjust to receive fuller connection to the Reiki energy. This energy creates an open "channel" for the cosmic or universal life energy.  From the top of the persons head and through this "channel" the energy flows down through the body and back out through the hands when Reiki is "given". 

The Reiki attunement is almost always a very special spiritual experience for the receiver and sometimes also for the Master. 

Reiki 1 - benefits physical body aspects 
The Reiki 1 attunement mainly benefits the physical body in opening it up to channel more Reiki energy, and once attuned students never lose the ability to use Reiki. In Reiki 1 the history of Reiki and the hand positions are taught. There are normally 4 initiations for Reiki 1 (depending on system there might be less initiations). A Reiki attunement takes about 20-30 minutes and is a very relaxing and beneficial experience. 

Reiki 2 - benefits subtle body aspects 
The Reiki 2 attunement gives an even higher possible level of energy vibrations in the student. Here one also learns 3 Reiki sacred symbols; the power symbol, the mental symbol and the distance symbol these can be used to help focus energy for specific purposes. The symbols are sacred not secret.  For Reiki 2 there is normally only one initiation. The Reiki 2 attunement seems to have the greatest effect on the subtle body also known in the western world as the Aura. 

Reiki Master – benefits the psychic / spiritual aspects 

This initiation is given to attune persons who have Reiki 2 and wish to be able to teach and initiate others into Reiki. In this process the vibration level of energy is once again raised and the Master symbol is taught. To become Reiki Master one does not have to dedicate oneself to teaching others, the Reiki Master level can be taken for your own benefit however some Reiki Masters suggest that it is utterly selfish to not share the gifts 

of Reiki – this is a judgement and there is no room in Reiki to be judging others and labelling people as this is a lower vibrational mental attitude; where judgement exists then we need to work on ourselves to address this.